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All of us here at Legend SS would like to give a shout out to our loyal customers. We appreciate every one of you and consider you family. Without the trust of our customers and our faith in the good Lord we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Here at Legend SS we make sure each of our customers leaves with smiles on their faces, as they head to the water to start Makin’ Memories! We would love to see your memoires too!!

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My passion for a jet boating started back in 1990. I have owned many flat bottom boats over the years that worked well for rivers, but not for the occasional lake trips. I had a lot of issues on previous boats with transom cracking and flexing which required a trip to the welding shop. I wanted a new boat that would meet all my needs. I wanted a boat that was built for the river, but could also be used on the lakes, and that’s when I found the Legend SS at Cowtown USA. I was blown away by the construction of the Legend SS transom. It is without a doubt the strongest transom I had ever seen. The three knee braces, lateral bottom runners, large diamond plate corners and deck structure all welded together makes an amazingly strong platform. They also offered several hull designs to match your type of usage. The 3 Degree V-Bass series had my main attention…

The legend SS V-Bass is built on a modified V-front hull with a 3 degrees rear bottom.
The 3 degree V allows this boat to run as shallow as any flat boat I’ve owned and the modified front will cut through lake waves without the constant bow bounce. The super strong transom means I’ll no longer have to worry about a cracked transom!!!

I finally found the right boat that can do it all. The V-Bass offers a low sided profile which makes it easy when grabbing your fish from anywhere in the boat. Not to mention its one the the best looking fishing jet boats out there.

My dealings with the folks at Cowtown has been a great experience too. Since the beginning, Cowtown has made me feel like I’m part of their extended family. Everyone at Cowtown is very knowledgeable and unbelievably nice. I have bought 2-1960 VB & 2-2060VB since 1990 and have no regrets.

I would highly recommend the Legend SS from Cowtown USA!

Rick Bruder

I’ve been running Legend SS boats for over ten years and the 1860 semi-v bass paired up with an outboard jet is in my opinion the best multi-species boats on the market! If you are somebody like me who loves to target a wide variety of fish on the many streams, rivers, and lakes available to us then this will be right up your alley! It doesn’t matter if I’m down on Lake Taneycomo chasing trout, chasing crappie or paddlefish on Lake of the Ozarks, or running shallow shoals on the Gasconade, Meramec or Osage River in search of bass or suckers, this boat gets the job done!

If you’re somebody that prefers to see videos of these boats in action, head on over to my YouTube and check out my channel Etec86 and see for yourself!

Seth Turner

Randy Gillam


Dennis Calvin & his new Legend SS 1852

Lee Williams

Nick Miller